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CrossFit: Sex Sells…

In Rhetoric, Training, WOD on July 18, 2012 at 6:21 pm

So… I need to address the puzzling CrossFit ad that appeared during the games. After Reebok obtained its monopoly on CrossFit, they started a fairly aggressive television ad campaign. I’ve never been stunned by any of these commercials– most of which just feature close-up shots of those ridiculous Zig shoes that I’ve never seen a CrossFitter actually wear (which is also odd because they produce plenty of shoes that CrossFitters do wear– the oly lifters and the nanos…)– but one of the ads during the 2012 Games caught my attention. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a high-quality version of it online, but here’s the idea:

Basically, it involves a lot of close shots of a female athlete, and eventually the words “Turning sevens into tens.”

Okay. The close-ups are obviously to show off the woman’s physique, and let’s face it, elite CrossFitters have bodies worth showing off. But to me, this runs counter intuitive to CrossFit’s functional fitness angle. Do CrossFit because it makes you stronger, because it makes you hardier, because it makes you capable. Do CrossFit because it makes you harder to kill. Don’t do it for the perfect ass.

In a generous interpretation of this ad, I could see that we’re turning a “7” in effort into a “10.” Or raising self-esteem from 7 to 10. But… given the visual focus of this commercial, I really doubt that that was the ad’s intent. I know sex sells, but if CrossFit is out to make itself a respectable sport, I think this is a questionable route to go. No one tells you to put your kid in football because girls will love the way his butt looks in tights. Or do ballet because dancers have killer legs. Dancers do have killer legs, but that’s not the intent of the sport. There’s so much more to it– body awareness and control, embodying an art with your entire physical self. If CrossFit is to garner any respect as a sport, it should do more than give you a nice ass. I’m pretty sure your LA Fitness step aerobics class could do that too.

Woo… okay I just needed to get that off my chest. Some fun WODs to share with you. Yesterday’s:

2 Rounds of…
3min AMRAP
5 Chest-to-Bar pullups
5 Switching lunges
5 Ring pushups
*rest 1 min

10 KB
10 Situps
10 Box jumps
*rest 2 min
I’m a big fan of AMRAPs and even more so of divided AMRAPs. Movements like chest-to-bar pullups are fun but too challenging to continue for, say, 15 minutes straight. So breaking them up into small chunks like this is a really effective way to work them into a WOD.

Due to the possibility of tubing tomorrow, I went in this afternoon and did tomorrow’s scheduled lifts today. I was nervous that they’d feel weak due to inadequate rest, but I’m actually pretty happy with them (*knocks on wood*). My squats are back to the last point I reached before failure…. so… lots of eating and rest before Sunday. And praying. So today:

Squats: 3×5

Press: 3×5

Pull-ups : 3 sets to failure

And then a WOD borrowed from CrossFit Football (I loved it)

10 Rounds:

1 power clean to strict press (use the weight from your sets of five)

6 walking lunges with bar on back (3 per leg)

50 yard sprint

I think I want to keep this one in my arsenal for press days. It’s short, hard, and it has built in accessory work for both my squat and my press.

In other news, my new landlord finally got back to me and, this coming Wednesday, I shall be migrating from my spacious, luxuriant, all too expensive 1 bedroom apartment to a basement studio with no air conditioning, living beneath 4 Penn State undergrads…  The funny part is that I’m happy I’ll have more space for my punching bag, but irked that I have nowhere to hang a pull-up bar. If, however, I truly am here in State College for 4 years… I’m considering investing in a rower. We’ll see.