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CrossFit Center City

In General, Training on October 7, 2012 at 8:47 pm

To the most understanding and ridiculously good-looking readership a Wandering Jomad could ever ask for: It has been far too long since my last update, and I apologize… profusely. I’ve been busy the past few weeks cramming my work together so I could prepare for a brief, three-day vacation in Philadelphia, and  my weekend involved… enjoying that vacation and blithely pretending that graduate school and life and responsibilities did not exist. I was quasi-triumphant—as in, I spent all my days from waking until roughly 9:00pm rejoicing in the fact that I was in a city—with pedestrians and public transportation, and people!—and then from 9:00pm to 1:00am, I sat before my computer screen cursing all of academia and all its anxiety-inducing ways.

Nevertheless, my vacation was delightful (thank you for asking). I discovered the wonders of Reading Terminal Market (omg FOOD), the Mutter Museum (omg CADAVERS), and took my requisite picture with the Rocky statue. I also had the fortune of visiting CrossFit Center City, where one of my friends is now a coach. Perhaps you’ll remember my post, “Life’s Small Lessons” in which I bid farewell to 70’s Bove. Only a year ago, he wandered into our gym unable to define a muscle up or a thruster, and now he has a damn good shot of making regionals this year.

Thus far, I’ve only visited a handful of other boxes outside of my home gym, and the experiences have been wildly varied but always enlightening. CrossFit Center City is definitely a gym to watch out for—I could easily see this place sporting a competitive team for regionals in the upcoming years. Apparently they’ve only recently moved into their new location, but it’s a fantastic space—with designated Olympic lifting platforms, a strongman room, a yoga room (in-progress), and a dedicated space for gymnastics. Their coaches are knowledgeable, talented athletes (who undergo an extensive hiring process), and their members were welcoming and inclusive.

To be honest, I still harbor a slight anxiety about visiting other gyms. There’s no rational justification. I’m just afraid I’ll somehow embarrass my box or myself by screwing up. And I want to do justice to the coaches who’ve trained me and the places that has converted me from a completely stickling spaz to… a slightly less stick-like, slightly less spazzy spaz. But the people at CrossFit Center City made me feel right at home.

I’m always interested in seeing how other gyms undertake their programming. At Center City, they have a longer, involved warm-up (something we’ve gravitated to as well, here at LionHeart). Their workouts are also very strength-centric at the moment. I would say, of the hour I spent there, the first ten minutes were warm-up, the next half-hour involved finding a 3 rep max back squat, and the final ten minutes was the metcon (15-12-9-6 Box Jumps (30”/24”) and Ring Push Ups).

As 70’s Bove informs me, the box is scheduling their programming so that they have a strength program for now, and then they’ll ramp up the metcons as they near the CrossFit Open. As far as I know, that adheres pretty closely with Rich Froning’s own programming. Right now, the Games are so strength-dependent that no competitor can survive without the sheer muscle required by the weights. As we could see by this year’s games, smaller athletes like Chris Spealler and Annie Sakamoto suffered significantly compared to their performances in previous years. At any rate, by orienting their programming around the Games’s schedule, CCC is positioning itself to be a major figure in this region, and I’d definitely watch out for them in coming years.

The CCC WOD was my only workout for the weekend. Since it was a short trip, I decided to take the opportunity to just… rest completely. I walked a lot of Philly, attained bacon-nirvana at Green Eggs Café. Of course, I also took advantage of Chinatown like the former Asian fat kid I am (I’m pretty sure I need to sacrifice about 5 grassfed cows to the Paleo gods for exactly how un-Paleo this weekend was 😉 )

Anyway, I’m now back in State College and back to work. Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend!