the spaz of fitness has arrived


Blogs/Webages that I follow:


FitBomb – the iconic CrossFit blog. Witty, insightful, just the right amount of snark

Ingnite the Fire – blog of CrossFit coach and Games competitor Katie Hogan. Besides the fact that she snatched 120 lbs for 12 reps to finish second in the country for Open WOD 12.2, she’s also close friends with former Fittest Woman in the World, Kristan Clever. Her site provides useful training tips, and she seems like a smart cookie too. Damn these mutli-talented people.

Sam Briggs – mostly a training log for firefighter and CrossFit athlete Sam Briggs

WODShop – A great workout generator that allows you to select WODs by category (weightlifting, bodyweight, couplets, AMRAPs, etc)

Traveling WODs – A useful list of traveling WODs from the excellent coaches at CrossFit King of Prussia



Nom Nom Paleo – FitBomb’s wife. CrossFitter and chef extraordinaire. I’d try more of her recipes if I had a sous vide machine or any of her fancy kitchen tools. For now, mostly, I drool.

Mee Eat Paleo – made-to-order paleo nut butter from firebreather and CrossFit coach Mee Lee. Go purchase some nutty goodness!

PaleOMG – OMG food

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations – a trove of delicious recipes. They range from simple and accessible to the cooking novice (such as myself) to more sophisticated delicacies. Also, George Bryant is the man.


Carrots ‘n Cake – This one’s more than just a food blog. The chronicles of NASM-certified runner, CrossFitter, and pug-lover Tina Haupert. She’s contributed to quite a lot of health and fitness publications, and I’ve enjoyed following her work.

Wok of Life – Food blog by my CrossFit pal, chef extraordinaire, and possibly the only person who can out-profane me during a WOD.

Tiny Urban Kitchen – I think this one just appeals to the little homesick Asian girl in me… I wish I had the culinary talent for even half these recipes. But good food porn. Lots of food porn.

Other Good Resources:

Mainsite –

MobilityWOD – Physical therapy for the CrossFit athlete. Mobilize: it does a body good.

CrossFit Football – Strength-biased programming for the power athlete

CrossFit Gymnastics – exactly what it sounds like

Catalyst Athletics – Incredible resource for Olympic lifting tips. They have a huge variety of free training programs, and video demos for each of the Olift movements. Also, recipes, a forum, and way too much fun stuff for a grad student to waste her time with…

Beast Skills – Wonderful set of tutorials/progressions for gymnastics movements such as handstands and muscle-ups

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