the spaz of fitness has arrived


After years of stalking the periphery of the CrossFit blog community, I’ve decided to add my voice to the fray.

The Basics:

– I am a graduate student, writer, writing instructor, and Crossfit Coach in Central Pennsylvania

– I have been CrossFitting since June 2011, when my box, CrossFit LionHeart, first opened.

– Before CrossFit, I had a very, very limited athletic background. I was a P90x and Insanity “grad,” (DVDs now caked in dust on my living room floor), but otherwise, I was the asthmatic, indoorsy type all my life. I was a benched softball player throughout middle school, had a two-month stint on my high school basketball team, and tried fencing for a semester of my eighth grade. I’ve also had flirtations with archery, horseback riding, and martial arts, but CrossFit is the first sport that has truly seized my attention and compelled me to dedicate the time and effort necessary to improve (sometimes still too slowly for my impatient taste).

–  For most of my life, my doctors told me I was “overweight.” But when I was 22, I stumbled headlong into a period of physical illness worsened by poor emotional health. I started CrossFit at an enfeebled 88lbs, and slowly– painstakingly– clawed my way back into a body I would recognize as mine. One that didn’t tremble with frailty twenty four hours a day. CrossFit, quite frankly, saved my life.

– The most exciting development of my academic career was when I discovered that I could discuss CrossFit and its cross-cultural implications in my work in rhetorical studies. Stay tuned for more on that.

– I love burpees

– I mean, really, really love burpees.

For new readers, here are a few of my more revealing ramblings to get you started:

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