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In Uncategorized on April 13, 2013 at 8:00 pm

This was not the post I intended to write today. In fact, I did not intend to write a post today– or tomorrow, or probably in the next week as I attempt to keep my head above the insurmountable tide of deadlines and meetings and responsibilities, and how-am-I-supposed-to-be-an-adult-nesss. The day’s been chaotic and somehow I’ve managed to not even sit at my desk and it’s already nearly 8:00pm. BUT I’m writing a post. Why? Because I’m pissed.

I suppose that’s not entirely accurate. I’m overwhelmed.

Today, our box hosted the third annual Warrior Games– a yearly event to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, to commemorate a truly inspirational hero by performing the “Murph.” I love this event– it’s, in many ways, the embodiment of everything I love about our community at the box. It gathers a supportive, passionate, motley amalgam of misfits for a good cause. Every year, we get together, raise (and experience) a little hell, and celebrate an exceptional man while attracting attention and resources to a good cause.

This year was a rousing success and an improvement on its predecessors. The PSU veteran’s organization, and the box, and all their efforts raised twice what the event did last year. I’ve never seen the box so full, and the air– even this cold, drizzly Saturday morning– was electric. Again, PSUVO and LionHeart moved me with the spirit and strength of a community– how a passionate few could become a powerhouse many… how a small idea can erupt into an astounding achievement.

I want to congratulate and thank again all the wonderful people at LionHeart and at PSUVO and Omega Delta Sigma who put together the event and ensured that it ran so smoothly.

Mostly, I’m so proud and grateful that I know these people and that I’ve had a chance to be a small part of the Warrior Games. But also, today I overheard a conversation that disgusts me. One that seems to spit in the face of all these individuals and their diligence– that disrespects the day and all it was meant to honor. Now, there were a lot of people at the box today– many of whom came from far reaches of the city, state, and country to participate so I don’t want to cast judgement on individuals that I don’t know… Even still, the conversation enrages me. So much that I can’t stop thinking about it.

A couple people were discussing the day’s “prizes.” Of course, it was a CrossFit event so there was a competitive element. Usually this is part of the day’s fun… just to add to the excitement and energy. However, these people were talking about the competition. How it’s all about the competition. How if you didn’t participate to  compete, you weren’t doing it right and might as well not do it at all… How they regretted not strategizing better so they could have “beaten” other participants– so they could “kick everyone else’s ass.” But the thing these people missed entirely was that… the “other participants” wouldn’t have given a shit if they got their “asses kicked.” In fact, all the wonderful, supportive people in that box would’ve freaking cheered you on to kick their ass harder– if you had it in you. Yeah, there’s a time and place for competition. There’s fun in it too. But today, that box, among veterans and students and teachers and athletes and beautiful souls who had donated money, time, and sheer heart to honor a man’s absolute selflessness… today was not the time. That box, our box, was not that place. And I feel freaking violated to have overheard such disrespect. And I’m furious that they would try to take away from others’ experience and participation by disparaging those who chose a half-Murph, or a quarter-Murph, who scaled the movements… or just attended and supported the event in any way.

That is all.

Again, thank you to LionHeart, PSUVO, and Omega Delta Sigma. Congratulations to all the participants who took part in the event– who, for a punishing hour of their day– were part of something bigger– a collective act of respect, of honor, of integrity. Remember that feeling, and don’t let the selfish, the narrow-minded, and those wretched with their own smallness drag you down.

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