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The Jomad’s Year in Review

In General on December 31, 2012 at 12:08 am

Well! You knew this post was coming– the obligatory, reflective/anticipatory New Year’s post. In recent years, I’ve always been surprised by how quickly time passes. True, this year was more trying than most and there were days that seemed interminable, but after meeting my deadlines and slogging through the rougher days, I still recall the months as a whirlwind. It seems life is moving so quickly now that all I can do is cling tightly, spin my legs against the ground as it rolls beneath me, and pray I don’t fall over.

For me, highlights of 2012 include:

– Finishing my MFA– not just for my own sake, but the profoundly fulfilling experience of seeing how all the writers of my class had grown in our two brief years together

– “Completing” my novel (who’s to say when it’ll really be finished)

– Publishing with a few small journals that I really respect. I still don’t have words for my overwhelming gratitude when others see value in my work.

– Two very memorable weeks in Taiwan, during which I had some of my first real conversations with some members of my family

– Somehow lucking into a truly generous PhD adviser (hopefully) who seems genuinely enthusiastic about my interests

– Accumulating a few new friendships that I’d like to keep for the long haul

– Participating in my first (and hopefully not last) powerlifting meet (many thanks to Jefe for letting me tag along, and Squatsalot for making it a significantly less daunting experience)

– Catching up with some friends from my past, and restoring my confidence that there are some friendships I’ll never lose, regardless of distance or time

– Spending quality time with my family– in new cities and old ones

– Teaching some very talented young writers

– Figuring out that this PhD thing is something I want to do, despite how much I whine, despite how foreign and strange the world still seems sometimes, despite how strangely exhausting it is most some weeks

– Going off (and staying off) my IBS medication

– Discovering the wonderful world of heated blankets. And space heaters. And heated blankets.

– Something sort of silly, but… finding the courage to trust new people, to forge new bonds that will last. It was harder for me than I would have ever guessed… but thank god for stubborn friends, and beautifully accepting ones, and ones whose crazies balance out my own crazy.


In 2013, I hope to:

– Take my last classes as a student, ever.

– Figure out what the hell “comps” are and what I’m supposed to do to prepare to take them

– Teach a life-changing (or just really awesome) creative writing class

– Continue writing creatively, somehow, between the PhD work

– Figure out why Kenneth Burke is so damn important

– Travel somewhere for the sake of leisure

– Cry less, laugh more, learn to do that newfangled relaxing thing that people talk about

– Become a CrossFit coach

That last one will be a difficult one, I know. But I’m acquainted with difficult– I just hope I can rise to meet the challenge. In terms of training, that’s what I’d like to keep my thoughts on as a CrossFitter… what would make me a better coach, what would make me someone worth trusting. After much dithering, I took a deep breath and registered for my Level 1. It’s an investment I’ve been saving for and have wanted to make for a year and a half now– I just worry that it’ll be for nothing, that I’ll fall short. That I’ll fail. But…. we know I spend too much time worrying and I want to  will channel that energy into actually doing.

What about you all? Any big goals for the coming year?

Happy New Year. Stay safe, drink responsibly, and live– damn it, LIVE! 😉

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