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Life’s Small Lessons

In Uncategorized on August 9, 2012 at 10:45 am

The first time I tried a box jump, I collided with the side of a wooden crate and crashed to the ground. The second time I tried a box jump, I scraped my shin. The third time I tried, I carved a seven-inch gash into my leg– which bled for nearly two months. I have a rough history with box jumps. But oddly, my strongest memory of them is a fond one. One morning, very early in the history of our gym, I stopped by during open gym hours to “work on” my box jumps. By this point, my experience had instilled in me such fear that my feet wouldn’t leave the ground no matter how I compelled them to leap. So instead of actually working “box jumps,” two of our coaches had me start from the ground up. They stacked plate upon plate… so that I jumped a couple inches, then maybe six, then nine, eventually building to box height. I remember the patience with which they worked with me. I remember being stunned by their willingness to sacrifice time and effort to help me with such a rudimentary skill. I remember my elation at finally landing my first 16″ jump, then 20″.

We learn a lot from one another in CrossFit, but I think the greatest lessons have nothing to do with how to catch your squat clean or what to eat after your WOD. That morning, after my feet planted square onto the wooden platform, I recognized how much more I could achieve with just a little more confidence. And I learned how much more confidence one could find with the proper encouragement.

This is a week full of goodbyes. By the end of this week, I will have bid farewell to four good friends, all of whom are off to bigger and better things. Last night, we went out as a box to celebrate one last time with two members of our CrossFit community. I am so fortunate to have spent this (too short) time with them, to have witnessed their profound spirits and generosities.

Here’s some of the more memorable lessons they leave me with:

The Mean Machine” (who I think is actually incapable of meanness)

– How to smile like nothing else matters

– How to keep your elbows in when you run

– How to laugh– among friends, and at yourself

– How to look damn good in workout shorts (okay maybe this I learned, but can’t emulate ;p)

– How to remind someone of the strength she’s forgotten

– How to celebrate small blessings

– How to assume the best– of everyone and every situation

– How to go tubing

– How to lift like a (badass) girl

– How to enjoy Magic Mike (okay… I never quite got there, but I tried :p)

– How to strive for your goals, to keep walking when you stagger

– How to care— without reservation, without fear

70’s Bove

– How to bust your ass for your ambitions

– How stretch before snatching

– How to approach everything as a learning opportunity

– How to remain humble, no matter how you excel

– How to excel like a beast

– How to help someone see and celebrate her small victories

-How to execute a climbing rope muscle up (again, can’t emulate… yet)

– How to smell like Abercrombie and Fitch

– How to eat to be 70’s Big

– How to see the athlete in everyone– no matter how scrawny she is when she first tells you she dreams of being a CrossFit coach 😉

Good luck, you two. I’m absolutely certain that you both have the passion and perseverance to find what you want in life. Come back and visit often. We’ll miss you greatly.

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