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Anthos vs CrossFit: A Quick Briefing

In Uncategorized on July 31, 2012 at 8:05 pm


There’ s a topic causing a bit of a stir in the CrossFit world, a and I feel the need to update you all on it. I’m still trying to find my bearings on the issue, but here’s a rundown to the best of my understanding:

Greg Glassman (the founder of CrossFit) happens to have a vengeful ex-wife who owns 50% stock of the CrossFit company. She’s currently threatening to sell that share to a venture capital firm called Anthos. If the exchange happens, Anthos will own a controlling share of CrossFit (depending on who you ask– other stories just say 50%, an equal share, but enough to make a difference?). Now, the details are a little shifty because most of the information I’ve read is from the Glassman/CrossFit side of things. But their pitch is that Anthos would like to turn CrossFit into a cookie-cutter franchise type deal, which pimps out their their chosen brands of supplements, etc. Glassman has quoted Brian Kelly (a managing partner of Anthos) as saying: “Every time I go into GNC, you are losing money.” Glassman remarks: “Bryan Kelly sees 4,000 independently owned and operated gyms as 4,000 potential points of sale. The Anthos approach is short-term, rapacious, dishonest, entirely destructive of our culture, and toxic to the affiliates.” (See original post here:
I think, though I’ve only received this from secondary or tertiary sources, Anthos’s claim is that they want to introduce more quality control to the CrossFit system. While I actually support the idea of more quality control for CrossFit gyms, I understand the squeamishness about CrossFit being owned and controlled by an outside company– particularly one that has expressed interest in using it as a platform for selling products.

I think Greg Glassman hopes that if enough CrossFit affiliates express disgust at the idea of Anthos ownership, and express that they would de-affiliate rather than be controlled by an outside firm, then Anthos might be dissuaded from this move. If you want to read Brian Kelly’s perspective on the matter, it’s here:
Since I still feel ill-informed on the matter, I’ll refrain from injecting my own opinion. I don’t think the CrossFit system’s perfect– and I would like to see a lot of improvements made in terms of coaching standards and just the education of trainers. But I don’t think this is the solution, either. If you want to read the whole discussion on the CrossFit forums, it’s here:


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