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Burpees and Small Blessings

In Training, WOD, Writing on July 23, 2012 at 7:00 pm

So I recently discovered CrossFit Games athlete Linsdsey Smith’s website.  I love that so many CrossFitters are active in the online community. I’m even more charmed that so many of them are articulate individuals who come across as compassionate, thoughtful trainers and athletes and friends. In trolling the archives, I ran across a fun post by Lindsey. It was 10:00pm, and Lindsey still hadn’t done a workout. But lucky for her, Rebecca Voigt was around to send her a quick, “no-frills” BURPEE WOD.

The following conversation then transpired between Lindsey and her husband (via gchat):

me:  u there?
webster.m.smith:  yeees
me:  did you workout today?
webster.m.smith:  nope
me:  any desire to do a burpee wod with me in the living room?  becca voigt sent it to me today.  burpees are the only movement, its the rep scheme thats tricky
webster.m.smith:  huh? when?
me tonight…. now…. whenev
webster.m.smith:  what is it?
me:  Burpee Madness
webster.m.smith:  ok living room?
me:  yeah, we can move the ottoman out of the way
me:  ready when you are
webster.m.smith:  ok


The workout is this:
Minute one: 10 Burpees
Minute two: 20 Burpees
Minute three: 5 Burpees
Minute four: 11 Burpees
Minute five: 2 Burpees
Minute six: 18 Burpees
Minute seven: 6 Burpees
Minute eight: 15 Burpees
Minute nine: 4 Burpees
Minute ten: 8 Burpees
Minute eleven: 17 Burpees
Minute twelve: 3 Burpees
Minute thirteen: 13 Burpees
Minute fourteen: 9 Burpees
Minute fifteen: 12 Burpees
Minute sixteen: 14 Burpees
Minute seventeen: 16 Burpees
Minute eighteen: 7 Burpees
Minute nineteen: 19 Burpees
Minute twenty: 1 Burpee

At this point, I quite easily concluded that I’d love to  be Lindsey Smith. Not only would I be a CrossFit Games competitor, I would have randomized burpee WODs impromptu delivered by Becca Voigt, and I could gchat my husband for a 10pm burpee date in the living room. How. Awesome. Is. That? I realize I’ve had a lot of posts about programming and directed, focused programming, and this WOD seems like just a randomized bit of AWESOME, but still… I think I intend to try it sometime– as a tribute to Becca and Lindsey. Maybe even at 10pm in my living room. In PJs.

While I’ll never be a Games competitor, will probably never be on a first name basis with Becca Voigt, and may forever be awaiting my burpee date… I can console myself with one small triumph. Lindsey lists among her goals to one day acquire a master’s… I’m at least the somewhat proud owner of an MFA in creative writing… I mention this because I’m always taken aback by the interesting configurations that different individuals’ dreams and aspirations take. I think it’s an innately human quality to reach for more– which is a good thing. That way, we have goals, we work towards them, we become teachers and writers and athletes and coaches and we continue to influence and inspire others. It’s just so easy (perhaps just for me) to get caught up in what we want and still don’t yet have that we forget what we have achieved. Yeah, becoming a CrossFit coach sometimes seems like an impossible pipe dream– slipping further and further out of reach. I’ve been so busy worrying about this training and starting my PhD and wrapping up my novel, I never took a breath to realize that… I finished my MFA. Ultimately, the degree’s just a sheet of paper in my closet that doesn’t have much bearing on the real world… but for just about 21 years of my life, I dreamt of attending an MFA program, of joining a community of writers, of challenging myself as a writer and discovering topics about which I had something worthwhile to say. And, by so many small miracles, with so much support and encouragement from truly beautiful family and friends and mentors over the years… I did that. And today, I’m grateful for that.

You know what else I’m grateful for?

5 reps of a 185lb deadlift.

Felt good about it. Unfortunately, my limiting factor really seems to be my grip. The bar just about slips from my left hand when I reach the top of the pull. My back felt good throughout the lift, though, which was a relief. But I’m going to try working those farmer’s walks some more… I’ve also decided that I’m going to try participating in more of the box’s regular programming from now on. I’m still sticking with my linear strength program, but I would like to finesse more of the box’s regular WODs into my conditioning work. (This may take some very clever CrossFit planning…) I have several reasons for this. First of all, the programming’s becoming more structured, with each coach designing larger blocks at a time with concrete goals defined in each week. Second of all, I do push harder in the company of other people. And I also miss the guidance of having someone more knowledgeable watching my movements. I also like being able to put my trust in someone else’s programming– the confidence of knowing that someone well-informed and experienced has put a lot of thought into each aspect of this workout.

Today’s WOD:

Skill: False Grip & Hollow BodyWOD:
10 minute AMRAP
-5 Burpee Box Jumps
-10 False Grip Ring Rows
-15 DUCash Out:
25×2 Sit Ups for Time, Rest 3 Min b/w

I loved the way the skills transfer into the actual WOD and the congruence that knits the whole session together. Also, the WOD was a blast. It’s actually a rather rough combination of movements, but each of them work different areas in different ways that I never felt fatigued to a point beyond movement. It was just… enjoyably rough (let’s not pretend CrossFitters don’t have a dose of masochism).*

[*For a more serious discussion on CrossFit masochism, see here]

I officially move on Wednesday, so my apartment’s a disaster right now. I keep discovering useless things I’ve stored away and realizing there’s no point putting them back, but not wanting to “pack” them neatly because I’m moving all of four blocks away and it seems like more effort to wrap everything just to unwrap it all a mile away… Ah well, wish me luck.

Happy Monday, everyone.


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