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CRACK: or, Coconut Butter

In Food, Training, WOD on June 29, 2012 at 5:51 pm

Bad news, guys. I’ve discovered crack. Except it’s more delicious than crack. And a hell of a lot more expensive than crack. But it’s better. I promise. Try it– all the cool paleo kids are doing it:

Allow me to introduce you to coconut BUTTER:

This, my friends, is very different from coconut oil. Coconut oil makes things tasty when you fry/roast/otherwise cook with coconut oil. Coconut butter tastes like ecstasy on a spoon. As in I’ve been doing nothing but eating spoonfuls since I bought this thing…

I’ve been dying to try coconut butter since I learned of its existence, but it’s actually kind of hard to find in State College. The grocery stores carry coconut oil, but definitely not coconut butter. I finally ventured out to a specialty store called Nature’s Pantry, whereupon I balked at the $15 pricetag. Nevertheless, my curiosity got the better of me and….

totally worth it.

Seriously. Sell your car, sell your children. Buy coconut butter. Okay, maybe not your children. Well… do you really need more than one?

A warning: sometimes the oil will separate from the coconut flesh (this is what makes it coconut butter rather than just coconut oil)… it’s helpful to heat up the jar and give it a good stir before your first use. The oil is rather tasteless… the flesh is beautifully rich and has this delicate, ambrosial sweetness. Seriously, try it.

Actually, the taste reminds me a lot of Chinese bo lo buns (or pineapple buns). There’s no pineapple in them. The name comes from the look of the outer shell, which I suppose… if you squinted and tilted your head… might sort of kind of resemble a pineapple. But the variety I ate when I was a child always had a coconut filling. I assume it must have been made with coconut butter, though I didn’t know what it was at the time.

Let’s back up a few steps. I’ve mentioned that I’m still rather suspect of certain aspects of the paleo philosophy– and I am… and I’m very eager to reintroduce what I consider “real foods” back into my diet (like peanuts and other legumes) out of curiosity as to whether or not I’m actually intolerant of these foods. I like the principle behind “Paleo 2.0” better than “Paleo 1.0.” To the best of my understanding, Paleo 1.0, started by Dr. Cordain, is the Paleo lifestyle that coined the namesake “paleolithic”– Paleo 1.0 based a lot of its reasoning behind what our “paleolithic ancestors” ate in a time when mankind was untouched by modern disease. There are so… so many holes to poke in this argument– such as the technological developments we’ve made that have improved quality of life since then, the fact that a lot of even “paleo” foods don’t make sense in an imitation of the “paleo” lifestyle (how many cavemen went around raiding chickens’ nests for their 5-6 egg omelet every morning?). It seemingly operates under the assumption that we can’t actually develop things that are better for our health than what we were “built” to consume… and even then we’re not taking into account the huge variances of what individuals consumed based on locality, etc. Paleo 2.0 is more flexible and more or less releases its hold on ancestral roots and instead focuses on “anti-inflammatory” foods. It looks to maximize the nutrients you consume and your ability process them. That said, at Nature’s Pantry, my shopping buddy pointed out to me that most paleo individuals who consume enormous amounts of coconut products probably don’t hail from regions ripe with coconuts. But my ancestors do, so ha. Though I really don’t give a shit what paleolithic man ate and don’t think it should affect my diet in the slightest, it sort of entertains me that– in Taiwan, where almost my entire family still lives, the streets are lined with coconut trees. You can see workers sawing down and collecting the fruit from my aunt and uncles’ window. So… assuming my ancestors had the tools to crack open a coconut, they probably had a diet with coconut aplenty. And tons of tropical fruit. And heaping amounts of fresh seafood. Come to think of it, my ancestors had a badass dinner table.

Anyway, today I wound up at the gym at kind of an unusual time and there was apparently a special kid’s course going on, so I tried to make do with little space/equipment. Started with power cleans:

5 sets of 3 reps @ 75lbs. The first set was ugly. The others went better, which probably means inadequate warmup. I’m developing a weird tweak in my left forearm though that seizes up when I lower the bar… (which meant that I dropped it obnoxiously after every rep today)… I would try to roll it out except I literally don’t feel it unless I’m lowering the bar from my shoulders to below the hip– and only when it’s above 65lbs or so. I wonder if it’s a muscle problem at all?

Ring dips: 4,4,4,2,2

Then a few quick sprints to round out the day.

I wanted to do the box’s WOD for the day, but I suppose I’ll reserve it for another time:

4 rounds for time

400m run

5 power cleans (95/65)

10 shoulder-to-overhead (95/65).

Sounds like a fun time, right? But I didn’t feel right doing it with the kid’s class going on, and I probably shouldn’t aggravate my forearm anyway.

A friend’s in town and I’ve been forewarned of impending festivities so I should probably try to get some work done before then. Also, I have to collect a belated birthday gift from a friend– fillet mignon, not kidding. I love that I’m so predictable that my friends give me gifts in the form of animal flesh. Would you believe that I once dated a militant vegan and subsequently was vegetarian for a couple years of my life? Here’s a tip: don’t go vegan/vegetarian for your significant other. You will find yourself eating revenge burgers at In ‘n Out.

… or maybe that’s just me.

Catch you later. Don’t touch my coconut butter.

  1. I’m totally addicted to coconut butter too. I love it spread on bananas or dates, drizzled on mango or strawberries, spread on coconut flour muffins, paleo pancakes, or all by itself. It’s heaven and one taste is enough to get anyone addicted!

    • Haha it’s great to meet a fellow addict! I’ve definitely had it with plenty of food, though my most common tactic just involves a spoon– a rather large spoon. I’ve been meaning to try paleo muffins or pancakes, but I haven’t been able to justify to myself the expense of coconut flour. Damn these pricey coconut products 😉

      • Haha, I hear ya there! Luckily, a little coconut flour goes a long way – it’s pretty dense stuff. I buy the Coconut Secret brand from Whole Foods, which costs under $6 (1 lb canister). Like coconut butter, it’s worth the investment 🙂

  2. Coconutcrack ❤ i love it on sweet potatoes or drizzled on fruit!

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