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Recovery Confusion

In Food, Training, WOD on June 26, 2012 at 6:24 pm

Day 7 already? Woo.

Breakfast: Tuna + egg “patties” fried in avocado oil (lookit me, I’m fancy), 1/2 sweet potato with coconut oil, leftover roasted Brussels sprouts

Pre-WOD: Turkey + almond butter. Large spoonful of coconut flakes.

Post-WOD: Tuna + Sweet potato

Lunch: Turkey + homemade guacamole, roasted chestnuts, strawberries, more roasted Brussels sprouts.

Snacks: lots of coconut flakes, various spoonfuls of almond butter, carrots and guac…

For dinner, I’m going to tackle the grassfed ground beef  generously gifted to me by a friend. I intend on trying this recipe from the Lazy Caveman (I’ll admit the name of his blog appealed to me. I’m very much the lazy chef). Unfortunately, I don’t have any spaghetti squash, but I have zucchini and a julienne peeler, so I might go with that today… or I might be lazy and just eat the beef out of the pan. Ah the glamorous life of  a graduate student.

Honestly, my stomach is in a better condition than it’s been in years. Also, an unexpected benefit of my attempted “Whole 14” is that the insomnia I’ve experienced regularly since moving to State College has actually disappeared. This is the first time I’ve slept through the night in years… and I’ve been doing it consistently since day 2. Also, probably related to my IBS discomfort, I had a weird relationship with hunger. I would often feel “mentally” but not physically hungry– as in I would crave food, but my body would feel too full to ingest it. That’s vanished since starting my Whole 30 journey as well.

Unfortunately, I’m still not thrilled about my recovery. I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or if I’m screwing up something in my post-workout nutrition, but I’m just more sore than I used to be before attempting the Whole 30. Also, what confuses me more is this post from Stronger, Faster, Healthier. What’s really curious is that the folks at Whole 9 endorse SFH, and recommend their products in their book. But they also discourage the use of whey protein and insist that real food is more effective (and push the post-workout carbs, of course). SFH, however, argues against the post-workout carbohydrate and promotes (obviously) their powdered supplement (looks like mostly whey).

Anyway… since I have a health-related reason for starting this whole experiment, I will stubbornly stick with it for another 7 days until the “toxins” clear my system. On day 15, I really want to reintroduce peanuts… not all legumes, just peanuts because I’m curious if that actually irritates my system, and I’d kind of love it if I could keep peanut butter in my life. Day 16, though will be the reintroduction of the protein shake… because I want to solve this recovery mystery… also I’m sick of feeling sore. I’d gotten to a point where I could plan my days and weeks fairly well without ever feeling too beat up. Then… *knocks on wood* provided those two aren’t actually my dietary triggers, I’ll slowly experiment with other legumes, gluten, etc until I figure out what’s triggering my IBS (hopefully).

Today’s WOD:

Snatch technique. Basically, I load the bar until the lift is do-able but somewhat difficult, and do 20 reps (in a mix of triples, doubles, and singles), focusing on form rather than trying to hit a PR….

Clean technique. 10 reps… all at a relatively low weight, just working on full extension from the high hang and catching it in a full squat.

Front Squats: This is something I borrowed from an O-lift blog (the Iron Samurai)– where he recommended just loading the bar in tiny increments until you could barely squeeze out the last rep. The purpose of this is to practice lifting quickly… to really drive your weight in your heels. The weight should nearly fly off your shoulders at the beginning. However, I may drop this from my routine… I didn’t find it particularly helpful and didn’t feel like it contributed to my workout.

Then 4x500m rowing sprints.

This is a workout I’ve done before… and back in the recovery drink days, I always felt fine afterwards. But my legs have been aching all day…


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