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In Training, WOD on June 24, 2012 at 1:38 pm

Hello, my name is Jo and I’m afraid of squats. Well, not the actual movement… but of being stuck beneath more than my weight in steel and rubber and being slowly, awkwardly, painfully pressed to the Earth– or worse, losing my grip on the bar and having it all clatter down my spine on the way to the ground. Of course, lifting is a mind game. The moment you get such thoughts in your head, you’ve already fucked up your lift. I need to stop.

My squat stalled for the first time today. I’m not sure whether to blame it on my experimental Whole 14 and its dietary restrictions (and the lack of my go-to recovery drink). I made it through the first two sets of five and then could not get the last one. Also, I had to bail from beneath the second set and try again… so really it went like this:

Set 1: 5 reps

Set 2: 1 rep, fail and scramble out from beneath 1.2xbodyweight as it crashes to the ground– okay, 1.17x or something like that. Wait five minutes to get my courage back up. 5 reps

Set 3: 2 reps. Lose my nerve, know I can’t get back up… rack the bar… wait three minutes… get spotters… fail after another rep and a half.

It was a bad morning for squatting. Also, something I’ve noticed (and was pointed out to me again this morning) I’ve begun taking longer and longer pauses between reps when I squat, allowing myself the opportunity to psych myself out more. However, if I go again too quickly, I usually end up failing… not sure how to fix this.

I’m also not sure if this is an actual stall in muscle growth or just my head freaking out now that my sets of 5 reps are above my former one rep max. For example, my 3 sets of 5 for the bench press today actually felt light. However, I carbloaded like crazy when I got back from the gym just in case… Again, I miss my recovery drink. I know the argument that real food is supposed to be better and more efficient, but at least my recovery drink was designed by someone who did his research and knew what he was doing (by the way, Chris Mason at At Large Nutrition is a rather nice guy and will answer questions you have about supplements/lifting/life… though I don’t guarantee his wisdom on the last one). I’ve been following the recommendation in It Starts With Food to consume a fist-sized portion of starchy carbs postworkout along with a 1/2-meal-sized portion of protein. Ah well… we’ll see what the rest of these two weeks bring. I keep reminding myself– it’s only 14 days, this experiment of mine.

Though I was pretty pissed off about the squats, I felt better after my bench presses, and then I played one of my favorite training tools: the prowler.

… no, not this prowler

this one:

… I think my blog just stopped being “family-friendly”…

I’ll give you a moment to stop oggling Camille.




My favorite thing about the prowler is that it’s idiot-proof. I know “safety” is not exactly the cool term in fitness these days– especially with a lot of CrossFitter fettishes for high-risk activities. But… for me, a lot of the enjoyment of being in-shape is… being able to utilize that fitness, which I can’t do with an injury.  The prowler is an awesome strength and conditioning tool, which you can make stupid-hard, but still low-risk… I suppose the greatest risk at our box is being run over by one of the drivers that speeds through the alleyway. Also, the alleyway was still covered in loose gravel today, so avoiding all the rough spots was a little tricky. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a nice, simple finisher after my lifts. I loaded the prowler with 50lbs in plates and just pushed it back and forth 10 times… roughly 50 yards for each run, I’d guess, with just enough rest to recover my breath in between. It’s an awesome full-body beatdown. I was surprised to even feel it in my abs.

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