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Friends and Food

In Food, General on June 23, 2012 at 6:29 pm

It’s good to have good friends. It’s even better to have awesome friends that hook you up with grassfed ground beef and duck eggs. Apparently people in State College farm ducks. And those duck lay eggs. And those egg make for a delicious breakfast. Despite my culinary weirdness, I don’t think I’ve actually had duck eggs before. For those of you as not-in-the-know as I was, ducks lay large eggs. Their eggs are also… meatier than chicken eggs. Because I wasn’t sure how I’d prefer them, I tried them two different ways this morning: over-medium, and scrambled:

You all will have to forgive my food photography; I simply can’t be bothered making these things look pretty. There’s plenty of paleo food-porn websites out there anyway, written by far more culinarily gifted individuals than I. Anyway… I ended up piercing the yolk of the over-medium egg and letting it bleed over everything (the scrambled egg + leftover sauteed kale/tomatoes/green chiles)–  satiating, and delicious. I’ve also hardboiled a few for quick, post-wod snacks.

Speaking of WODs, I skipped the box today– disappointingly, as it was a partner WOD day and we know how I enjoy those. Instead, I played volleyball for the first time ever… it appears that my natural discoordination carries over to all ball sports, volleyball included, though my teammates were thankfully very patient with me. Afterwards, I encountered another first: bouldering. Who knew that was a verb? To boulder. Now, bouldering is probably the least suitable activity for an uncoordinated, awkward Asian girl with no body awareness and a lingering fear of heights (slowly ebbing with time). But it was a blast. Firstly, I always enjoy hiking and there was a good walk to both climbing sites that we visited. But I also realize that, for as hard as I’ve trained to be “in shape,” I haven’t explore the many real-world applications of my hard-earned “functional fitness.” I wrote a post before about how CrossFit teaches you to trust your body– to trust that you can stand with the bar so you can drop under your clean. I think I’m still working on that part. It should come as no surprise to anyone that I fell a lot as a kid. I remember distinctly an age where I was shocked to no longer be covered in bruises and scrapes everyday– not actually because I stopped being clumsy, just because I stopped running around outside. Today, scrambling over rocks, hanging by my fingers and toes, trying to keep my balance on pockmarked cliff faces with nothing but open air between me and a 60 foot drop… what tentative trust I’ve built through CrossFit (yes, Ican land that box jump) disappeared pretty damn quickly. In terms of physical activity, I tend to waver between two mindsets. I either start too stubborn and brash (and end up with a footlong scar along my shin), or I’m too tentative. I have yet to find that balance of boldly conscientious… or I have yet to achieve the competence with which I can be bold? Either way, today was an enlightening experience. In our group, there were clearly veteran boulder-ers (try that out loud:…er…er…s…) and firsttimers. It was interesting to watch the other newbies (and myself) venture past gaps or over walls they thought they couldn’t cross. It’s certainly something I’d like to be better at… and something I feel like I should be decent at if I can stomach my fear of heights and approach this with a level head. I mean… what’s the point of doing all these strict pull-ups if I can’t translate that into getting myself up a rock wall? But it’s yet another level of comfort I need to develop, another way of learning my body, of knowing what it can and can’t do…

And of course, I’m reminded of why I always love hiking. The reward at the top:

I know I gripe about State College a lot, but this landscape is truly beautiful. I could’ve spent an afternoon just sitting up here enjoying the breeze, the woods, the freakishly large spiders– okay, probably not the last one.

Anyway. After that, I can home and tried a quick spinach and avocado dip recipe from fastpaleo. I think it turned out delicious, though the entire process was far too painstaking. I need a real food processor rather than my pathetic “Ninja” blender. I had to stop the damn thing every five seconds to shove the spinach back down and re-blend.

Day 4 of my “Whole 14.” Sugar cravings are deifnitely diminishing. Caffeine-withdrawal headache almost undetectable. Could there be a light at the end of this tunnel? Perhaps too soon to tell.

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