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In Food, Training, WOD on June 22, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Okay, so I realize I’m way behind the bandwagon on this, but did you know you could microwave sweet potatoes? I mean, yes, I’ve known for a while, but I assumed the micro-method would be so tragically incomparable to actually roasting them that I’ve never actually tried it. Then I saw that the culinarily gifted Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo still nukes her sweet potatoes now and again, despite the otherwise mindboggling feats she performs in the kitchen (she is also the reason that a sous vide machine is on the top of my wishlist for life). At any rate, Nom Nom’s microwaved sweet potato methodology proved solid today and provided me with a quick post-workout starch. I just stabbed one medium-sized sweet potato all over with a knife, stuck it in a bowl, covered with a damp paper towel, and microwaved on high for five minutes. I seasoned it with salt, pepper, smoked paprika and ate it alongside grassfed roast beef for a postworkout snack. Not bad at all (though I still miss my protein shakes, admittedly).

Today’s workout:

Power cleans: 5 sets of 3 reps

Rings dips: 5 sets to failure (It’s supposed to be 3 sets, but my numbers on ring dips are so low right now, I’m trying five in an attempt to build that strength…)

Afterwards, I meant to run 6x400m with 2 minutes rest in between, but I only made it through 4 laps before construction workers began throwing gravel into the alleyway behind our building. I have no idea what the purpose was… except that my inov-8s are probably bound to take a worse beating next time I try to run out there. I finished out with some skill work– easy kettlebell swings at 1.5pd (Russian). I’m going to try American swings next time. I’d like to acclimate myself to moving the heavier weight on a regular basis so that 1) the standard 1pd swings will feel comparably easy, and 2) hopefully this will translate into my explosive power in my other movements (particularly cleans and snatches).

Tummy update: Feeling frickin’ amazing. Seriously, to be able to digest things and feel hunger like a normal person again is incredible.

Head update: Still a little fuzzy… I’m guessing from lack of caffeine and sugar… but definitely better than the last two days

My slight reservation is that I woke up this morning feeling significantly more sore than I have in the past two months. Yeah, I worked a little heavy yesterday, but not anything that would have made me anticipate this degree of soreness. Honestly, I’ve been relying on my post-workout protein shake to help with recovery. I assume whole foods work just as well (some say better), but the soreness seems to indicate otherwise. Today, I upped the protein portion and the amount of sweet potato to see if that would help… however, today’s workout definitely wasn’t as demanding as yesterday’s, so I suppose this won’t give me a clear indicator of whether or not I’m consuming the right things for recovery. We’ll see.

Also, I’m continuing to make delightful little food discoveries (amazing how you have to learn to deal with real food when you can no longer eat things that come out of a package…) I found out that mixing canned salmon (oops, guess that’s packed) with an egg makes for a really quick “burger” of sorts that one can make for breakfast (and top with homemade guacamole). Also, strawberries coated in shredded coconut with some almond butter? Delicious.


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