the spaz of fitness has arrived

Day 2: I’m still alive

In Food, Training, WOD on June 21, 2012 at 8:52 pm

Whole 30-approved cauliflower mash*

*Perhaps the best thing emerging from my attempt at “eating clean”– I’m finally learning how to cook rather than opening cans and microwaving shit. The above concoction is delicious. Recipe here (I used avocado oil instead of butter)

No caffeine, no sugar, no protein supplements, no legumes (how I miss thee, peanut butter-coffee-protein shakes…).

But squats. There was squatting.

Despite the mental fog, I got myself down to the gym. I’ve been expecting my performance to suffer a bit, actually as I deal with my withdrawal symptoms– and it still might as I go through this week, but this morning I hit a new 5rm PR. I also reset my press (remember how it weakened after my vacation?), so hopefully that’ll see some progress soon. My strict pull-up numbers are going up and feeling increasingly stronger as well, so I’m rather happy about that.

Also, my cravings were at least significantly more bearable today. I still feel cloudybrained and heavyheaded, but I no longer want to slaughter the next thing with a heartbeat that crosses my path (yes that’s how unpleasant I am without caffeine. It’s like Dr. Jekyll (Jo-kyll?) and Mr. Hyde except backwards… I’m saner with the happyjuice).

As for the workout, our box has introduced gymnastics-based classes on Thursdays, so I got to attend that this evening. It’s definitely different. It’s also an awesome opportunity to focus on a particular aspect of CrossFit. This sport borrows so liberally from so many different specializations– to which other athletes devote entire lifetimes (and probably why CrossFit has earned its share of critics over time) that it seems a good idea for CrossFit hopefuls to slow down and focus on some of the minutiae that we skip over in our haste to tackle each WOD. And in fact, all serious CrossFit athletes that I know of do. I’ve noticed that most athletes competing in regionals attend specific O-lift classes and/or gymnastics classes at gyms that actually specialize in those sports.

Today was my second gymnastics class, but I enjoy the slower pace of these days– how we focus on getting movements right rather than fast or “heavy” (also, is anyone surprised that I enjoy the bodyweight-based nature of gymnastics?). There’s also a lot… a lot of core work, which I hope will translate into more strength and stability in all CrossFit movements.

Similarly, the WOD focused on form rather than time… a grueling 4 rounds of:

10 ring dips

10 hollow rocks

10 ring push-ups

10 wall-balls

I never thought I’d consider wall-balls a nice “breather,” but they definitely were for this workout.

Anyway… day two of my (at least) Whole “14” done. This is going to be the world’s longest two weeks…


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