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Formosa Fitness

In General, WOD on May 23, 2012 at 5:30 am

The travels continue to progress well. Mostly my days are filled with eating and socializing (which happens around more eating) and walking about Taipei. I’ve been pretty shamelessfully neglecting my work, but hopefully my adviser will forgive me for that when I return to reality America.

Really, food is just better here– everything from duck-tongue-on-a-stick from stands on the side of the road to 7-course meals where every course incorporates toro (tuna belly– in America, sometimes $20 for two pieces).

Today I paid a visit to Formosa Fitness, which– according to my extensive googling– is the closest thing Taiwan has to a CrossFit gym. The owner, Dave Chesser, has his Level 1 cert (along with what seems like a very thorough kettlebell background), but the gym isn’t an affiliate. Unfortunately, Dave wasn’t around when I dropped in, but hopefully I’ll catch him sometime before I leave the country. Nevertheless, I couldn’t surpress my mile-wide grin when I walked into the facilities and saw two Concept2’s sitting on the main floor. Downstairs, Formosa Fitness boasts an extensive kettlebell collection, two squat racks, bumper plates, medicine balls, a punching bag (with gloves and focus mits/pads/etc), and two prowlers. There were also rings and ropes and tires and all such things that delight a CrossFit-sick Jo.

If only because I was overenthused to see the squat rack, I tried doing 3×5 with 30kg loaded onto the bar. Unfortunately, I failed on the third rep of the last set. I’m thinking it could be because I’m out of practice, could be because I’m walking around a lot, could be because I wasn’t in the right headspace… but I’m not going to overthink it really. I’ll just see where my squats really are when I’m back home. After that, I did “The Chief” for the hell of it:

5 rounds of:

3 minute AMRAP

3 power cleans (I did 10 kg on a standard bar… something a little less than 70lbs?)

6 pushups

9 air squats

1 minute rest

At any rate, I hope to have a chance to drop in and actually meet Dave before I depart. Maybe I’ll try one of his WODs on the board. But for now, I’m off to the night market for more deliciousness. Best wishes to all.

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