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In General, WOD on May 14, 2012 at 3:22 pm

Tomorrow morning, I will wake at 4:00am and travel to the State College airport. A miniature propeller plane will then convey me to the Washington DC airport. There, after a frantic dash between terminals, I will hopefully board a six hour flight to Los Angeles. I will then spend ten hours killing time in LAX until I finally trudge onto my fourteen-hour flight to Taiwan. Amazingly enough, because I’m actually spending the first few days in  Hsinchu with my aunt before returning to Taipei, I will then have a 3 hour drive before I can crash onto the hard, unfamiliar slats of a bamboo sleeping mat. I’m whining now because I’m trying to get the negativity out of my system. I’ve actually traveled rather often throughout my life. In college, when I was competing for the speech and debate team, we flew so frequently (~2x a month) that I’d streamlined by packing and unpacking process. I could get through airport security in one fluid motion. But… no matter how many times I’m ushered through the crowds and onto noisy metal tubes, I can’t get over my dislike of crowds, of sitting still in close quarters for such protracted periods of time. Worse yet, I’m uncomfortable with the structured rigidity of everything that comes with air travel and how brusquely everyone shoves through these environments.

That said… I’m very lucky to have fit a visit to Taiwan into my life agenda this summer, so I don’t want to pollute any of the experience with my travel-induced temper.

With my impending departure, today was probably also my last day in the gym for about a month. I realize some time off will do me good, but I confess that the monthlong hiatus worries me. I dread how heavy that bar is going to feel the next time I’m under it. So today’s last workout:


Deadlift 1×5, followed by 3 sets of strict pull ups to failure


15 minute AMRAP

3 deadlifts

6 hand-release push ups

9 lateral jumps over bar

12 overhead walking lunges (25lbs overhead)

It was an enjoyable little WOD. I think next time I’ll trade the lateral jumps for something more definitive though… I saw the movement on another CrossFit site and thought I’d try it, but because it’s just a short hop, it doesn’t feel as satisfyingly explosive as… say, a box jump or even double-unders. I considered subbing in burpee-smashballs, but I figured that might be too harsh on the shoulders following hand-release push-ups.

Also, in my last few days, as I’ve had final dinner/lunch/coffee dates with the people here, I’m realizing how much I’m going to miss everyone. It’s a little silly, since I’ll be back soon, but also not quite because State College is such a transient town and by the time I return I’ll only have a few weeks left with some of these people– or none at all in the case of those that will be leaving while I’m gone. Despite my too-frequent complaints about this city, I’ve definitely discovered its charms… but what I dislike most is the fact that everything feels impermanent. It gives life a feeling of precariousness… at least in my unbalanced mind ;).

Anyway, I’ll be back, most likely with news from the other side of the world.

Stay awesome.


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