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In Training, WOD on May 8, 2012 at 6:54 pm

Yesterday was a PR type of day. After a lovely brunch with lovely people, I arrived at the box and set a new deadlift 5 rep max, as well as a new thruster 1rm. I’m actually a little disappointed by where I stalled on the thruster 1rm because the bulk of my thruster is still shoulder-driven. I have trouble transferring that power from my legs to the overhead position. It may have something to do with my tendency to press out instead of straight up… I think I’m afraid of clocking myself in the jaw (which I’ve done), though it’s not a conscious fear or adjustment– probably just a motion that I need to pay more attention to.

The WOD was a good one, and probably one I’m going to adopt for my conditioning days throughout my strength-emphasis period:

11 minute AMRAP

6 Thrusters (65/50)

6 burpees over bar

6 Russian kettlebell swings

Thrusters feel like an entirely different motion when they’re light… I’d argue that they’re actually more hellish because you can move quickly enough that they become a conditioning movement instead of a strength exercise. I think when I repeat the WOD in the future, my OCD will compel me to bump the time to a round 12 minutes.

Tuesdays are conditioning-only days based on my current schedule. I was hoping to run 800m repeats, but the State College weather disagreed with me. Luckily, the box had a quick WOD that suited my sub-12-minute metcon goals.


10 false-grip ring rows

8 push-ups

6 pullups

4 clean and jerks (95/65)

[5 Rounds for time]

My false grip kept slipping. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with my muscle-up progress (or lack thereof) because I can pull to the point where I feel all I need is the transition. I’m so close I can almost taste the dip (ha! Pun!) but I just can’t roll my shoulders over the rings. If I had better mind-hip coordination, I should be able to kip over the sticking point (I’d also be able to dance, but I suppose that’s irrelevant), but right now I’m stuck swinging from the rings like a moron.

Though I waxed sentimental in my last post about the merits of training alone, I’m often motivated by company. I like to think I can see the appeal in training with almost anyone. Beside someone who might be a little slower or a little weaker, I feel as if I absolutely cannot slack off; if s/he is in that much more pain, if each motion is so much harder for him/her than it is for me, I have no excuse to drag my ass through it. Obviously, beside a firebreather, I can see where I’d like to go–be inspired by the strength of her movements, by her command of each skill. But these days I’ve been grateful to work out with J1 (we’ve noticed there’s a proliferation of girls at our gym with J names. J-o makes me J-zero, right? We’ll call her J1). Anyway, beyond being an all around awesome gal with a great sense of humor and a general openness that I’ve appreciated, she’s a pretty perfect workout buddy for me. She’s better than me at everything, but I’d like to imagine that I can almost keep up. I’ve noticed that, when I work out alone, I can lose any gauge of how fast I’m really moving. But having J1 around gives me a sense of pace– something to shoot for. She’s fast enough that it inspires me to keep pushing, but not so fast that it leaves me in the dust and I give up on trying to follow. Of course, she’s also nursing a shoulder injury right now. Who knows, when she recovers, maybe I will be coughing up her dust. Let’s hope not ;).

These past two days of programming have also reminded me of the merits of training with lighter weights. I like the idea of dividing strength work and metabolic work. Since I’ve been separating strength and metcon, my WODs are typically conducted as conditioning. Keeping the weights light makes sense… If those clean and jerks had been 95 instead of 65, I would have slowed down enough for my heart rate to drop and it would have become a strength workout awkwardly sandwiched between bodyweight movements.

Happy Monday you all. I’ve spent the whole day in conversation with the English department trying to make life decisions about what I will or will not do with my next four years. Trying to strategize one’s life to form the perfect CV is just frustrating.

If you haven’t already, please consider reading my post about the Ask Athletes’ facebook competition and liking my Facebook comment. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have a shot at this thing unless I resort to obnoxious pursuit of everyone’s help…

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