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More Pelvic Thrusts!

In Uncategorized on April 30, 2012 at 11:38 am

Yesterday was a whirlwind of paper-grading and procrastination-induced apartment cleaning, so I have a bit of blogger backup. I’ll start with yesterday’s workout:

Back Squats 3×5

Bench Press 3×5

3 sets of dips to failure (9, 9, 9 on the dip station… thinking about moving to the rings soon)

Metcon: 5 rounds of 5 thrusters and 400m run.

The metcon wasn’t pulled from any source in particular. Rather, I felt like I’d had done thrusters in a while, and I was itching to sprint, so I just collapsed those two elements into a WOD. It went well. I love how my strength is improving on this program, and how each of the lifts feels more stable each time (I don’t know how else to describe this change, but just the sheerconfidence I feel going into them is different now). However, my conditioning is definitely suffering. Hopefully whenever I get to a point where I’m happier with my strength, I can up the endurance work again.

Also, in my spurt of domesticity yesterday, I cobbled together a 3-ingredient Coconut Banana Ice Cream. I’m the world’s laziest cook. I’d say that I’m an awful cook (and I probably am), but the truth is really that I don’t try often enough to even find out if I’m awful. I just go with low-maintenance, few-ingredient foods. I’m also a big fan of blenders and food processors. The procedure is always simple: put crap in bowl, pulverize until pasty, enjoy (oftentimes, eat straight from the processor with a spoon). This recipe’s pretty awesome. It can also be done with avocado, cocoa powder, and bananas (sounds weird, I know but I promise it’s delicious), or nut butter and bananas, or if you’re feeling super low-maintanence, you can turn it into one-ingredient ice cream.

Now for today. I added another 5 lbs to my deadlift, and that felt good… dips are up to 10 unbroken. We re-did the baseline today and I came in within 1 second of my old time. I’m not surprised. Unfortunately, at this point, in order to improve my baseline time, I need to become a faster runner and I need to smooth out my kipping pull-ups. What I find really frustrating is that I can do about 8 strict, unbroken pull-ups, and I can do a substantial number of kipping pull-ups without dropping from the bar, but my kips are… hideous. I’ve ingrained in my muscle memory a sort of weird half-kip in between each pull, which means I probably take about double the time I should to get through my pull-ups in each WOD. I wanted to practice after the WOD today, but I tore a callous so that will have to wait until another day… I’m uncoordinated in general, but I blame this particular weakness on my awful hip awareness. I don’t know why, but I can never recruit power from my hips like I should… more pelvic thrusts!

Today’s metcon was a fun one. The first time I’ve used 1.5pd in a WOD. The thing’s fucking heavy. At one point, it actually launched me off my feet and I sprawled gracefully facefirst onto the rubber floor. However, I find some twisted satisfaction in playing with weights heavy enough to throw me around– is that strange?


12 minute AMRAP

30 single unders

20 Russian kettlebell swings (2pd/1.5pd)

10 box jumps

I’ll write something more contemplative another time.Today, more grading awaits. If you’re curious, Penn State underclassmen enjoy writing narratives about death, love, sometimes death and love, and oftentimes death of love. And actually one eerily disturbing nonfiction essay on love of death…


Happy Monday.


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