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Dynamic Pushups

In WOD on April 27, 2012 at 10:36 am

I’m pretty stunned by what a difference slowly things down and being a little more patient with my lifts is making. I mean, it should be/should have been obvious, but building back up from the basics has given me a lot more confidence in my lifts, and they just feel stronger/more stable now when I do them. I hope that lasts. Anyway, yesterdays squats and press went well. I feel like I’m getting much better acquainted with the bottom position of the squat and building confidence in my ability to get back up once I sink well below parallel. Afterwards, I did a quick AMRAP involving farmer’s carry, push presses, and box jumps. Nothing spectacular, but it worked nicely as a way to round out the day.

Today was power clean day, and along that same vein, I’m amazed by how light the 5×3 felt. Before this, my cleans kept stagnating, but I’ve been able to add weight every week… I was hoping to sprint today, but the weather’s disgusting and cold so I opted for something more indoorsy. Adapted from a CrossFit Football WOD:

5 rounds

12 walking lunges (~30-40% of your squat 1rm) I just used a 45lb bar on my back

12 dynamic pushups (These involve an explosive push up, where you land with both hands on an elevated surface. I used a 45lb plate on either side)

250m row

The dynamic pushups catch up with you fast, but I’m enjoying all these CFFB push-up variations. In WODs with high-rep pushups, I eventually let my form slide, but the explosive component of this push-up forces you to pause and collect your strength before each one. It’s self-correcting… if you don’t use enough force, your hands won’t leave the ground and you won’t complete the movement.

Anyway… lots of seminar paper-ing to do today, and my thesis reading is this afternoon (!) so I can’t stick around and chat. Happy last day of classes to my fellow Penn-Staters.

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