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Annie the Good Girl, Eva the She-Orc

In Training, WOD on April 25, 2012 at 10:46 am

Yesterday was an optional conditioning day, so I kept things simple and just went in for the box’s WOD:





(3 minute rest)

500m row for time

I think of Annie as the “good girl” of the CrossFit Girls. Fran’s the angry female lacrosse player with a possible steroid problem that steals your lunch money and makes you cry. Cindy’s the athletic, pretty, know-it-all that’s probably out of your league. Eva probably looks like this:

(For those of you who don’t know, Eva involves 5 rounds of 800m run, 30 kettlebell swings at 32kg– that’s over 70lbs, and 30 pull-ups).

But Annie is usually  delightful and harmless. At our box, we’ve used Annie as a warm-up more than once. Yesterday was the first time I’ve attempted Annie since I’ve been able to connect ~20ish double-unders unbroken. I still stumbled a few times and struggled to regain my rhythm, but I wasn’t too displeased with them. I am, however, surprised that my abs are pretty damn sore today. I’ve done Annie more times than I can remember and I rarely feel it afterwards. Have I been neglecting my core work? I could also attribute it to poor recovery nutrition yesterday. I was running around all day so I had a huge binge meal after the gym and another one around 9:30ish pm, but was stuck mostly grazing on light snack-ish items as I ran from place to place all day. Either way, I’m glad today’s a “rest day” (read: fifteen hours of teaching, seminars, and student meetings). Also, I’m hoping to print and bind the thesis today!

Something that caught my attention: the founders of Whole9 have started a “five movements” series in which they interview twelve widely respected fitness experts and ask them the following question: If you could only perform five exercise movements for the rest of your life, which five would you do?

Part One includes interviewees such as Rob MacDonald, Training Director at the infamously sadistic Gym Jones, as well as James Fitzgerald from OPT, and Dallas Hartwig– one of the Whole 9 founders.

Part Two features Krista Scott-Dixon, the Lean Eating Program Director at Precision Nutrition, as well as Olympics ski champion Eva Tawrdokens, and Greg Everett from The Performance Menu.

I noticed some trends. Deadlifts: the experts agree– we should do them. And I should probably improve my form. Pull-ups are also good, and probably the best gauge of one’s strength relative to body mass. Squats are also popular, and people seem fond of the airdyne, which I’ve never tried but am now very intrigued. Alas, no burpees on any of the lists ;). What about you? If you had to limit yourself to five exercise moments, what would they be?

Happy hump day,


  1. First of all Eva looks hot! I have always liked the idea of a girl who could kick my butt.

    I’ve never done Eva but am now very intrigued; running, KB swings, pull ups…it’s almost like we were meant for each other. I will have to try out the WOD and report back and let you know if she really is as bad ass as the photo makes her seem.

    5 movements…

    Pull Ups (I’d put it down twice if that was allowed)
    Squat Box Jumps
    Weighted Vest Running
    KB Swings

    Thanks Jo!


    • Ha! Hey Doug! I didn’t know you read the blog– thanks for the readership. Eva does seem kind of up your alley. She’s like Helen on Hulk serum. We only did it once at the box, and I think I took over forty-some minutes… The coaches let people stop at the 30 minute mark. Weighted vest running sounds terrible; I hope to try it sometime… possibly with weighted burpees. Perhaps with enough of them, I’ll start to look like Eva– without the green and slitted alien-nostrils… I hope.

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