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Crushing Helen

In Training, WOD on April 22, 2012 at 2:57 pm

For those of you who might have been curious, I woke feeling wonderful. Recovery’s going well these days… I’m rarely ever sore. I wonder sometimes if that means I’m not working hard enough, but to quell my paranoia, I’m just going to say it’s my body adapting. So, despite yesterday’s Murph, I felt fine going for my lifts today. The squats feel more solid every time I practice the full range of motion. Some reps feel significantly easier than others, though, and I know why that is. I still rock forward onto my toes sometimes; I’m working on correcting that. The bench felt fine as well. Because I started low on my lifts, I still haven’t hit old 5RMs yet, so I have no quantitative way to measure strength gains, but I can report that my numbers are going up in the bodyweight supplementary exercises each day, which is a nice feeling. As a quick metcon, I did “Crushing Helen,” which I think is one of CrossFit Football’s benchmarks. I like it more than normal Helen:

WOD: Crushing Helen

8 Rounds

100m sprint

8 kettlebell swings

5 Plyo pushups

According to the CFFB website, a “plyo pushup” is performed with one hand on a 45lb plate and one on the ground. You push up explosively so your hands can swap positions in midair. I like it a lot, but I’m a big fan of all push-up variations (rings, handstand, etc).

I’ve always preferred sprints to endurance work, though, so I’m afraid this whole strength program is reinforcing my biases and absolutely killing little endurance capabilities I had. Someday, when I want to switch out of a strength focus, I’ll probably try something like CF Endurance to develop that weakness…

Anyway, a full day of novel edits and presentation-making today, so I’ll shush for now.

Oh, but a cool WOD generator for those of you who might be looking for more workout ideas. I’m usually not a fan of workout generators because they seem too random, but this one breaks them into categories (bodyweight, weightlifting, rowing, couplets, triplets, chippers, etc.):


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