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In General, Training, WOD, Writing on April 17, 2012 at 2:01 pm

I have a problem where my brain races faster than my body– one than manifests often in terrible ways in CrossFit. When I missed box jumps on a regular basis, my head was convinced that my feet had already left the ground before my hips finished firing, so I never drew my legs up, and… well… disastrous things. In life, it just means I’m constantly thinking about the next thing I want to do before I’m finished with what I’m doing. It means I’m impatient. Compounded with my obsessive-compulsive need tofinish everything I start, however, it also means I drive myself crazy– with my thoughts continually ping-ponging back and forth between current projects and future ambitions, wishing I had clones upon clones of Jo to do my overactive bidding.

Right now I’m having that problem with my schoolwork. I’m about to complete my creative thesis for my Masters of Fine Arts– a novel, which will be a ~250pged manuscript when I finish, but will still by a far cry from the actual “novel” that I’d want to submit to agents. However, in the fall, I’ll be leaping into the English department’s PhD program to start my degree in rhetoric and composition, where I want to discuss the intersections of culture, rhetoric, and the physical body (with research that allows me to peruse the CrossFit Journal :p). One week, I’ll be entirely immersed in my novel and feel terrible about neglecting my research ideas, the next, I’ll be so excited about my future PhD dissertation that I’ll forgo the novel. Add that to workouts, to teaching, grading, and course planning, to running English department events, and.. .y’know trying to vacuum my apartment once in a while, and I start to feel a little crazy.

I’m trying to remind myself to slow down more. But on that vein of thought… I’m absolutely enjoying the 70’s big S&C program right now, but at some point, when I consider myself more of an “advanced crossfitter” I want to try CrossFit Strength Bias. To be honest, it seems like a lot of basic strength programs (3×5 or 5×3 rep schemes), but it also incorporates days of high-rep lifts. I’m still educating myself on a variety of strength programs so that I might know what I’m doing when I design my own workouts– what matrix of movements/sets/reps/time/etc would work towards what goals. But because I don’t see high rep schemes in that many outside programs, I’m curious if the CFSB use of high rep schemes has anything to do with building strength or if they include that because it’s a CrossFit program and it’s important for CrossFit athletes to become familiar with the feeling of moving heavy loads quickly under stress.

Anyway, I apologize if my posts are a little more sporadic in the upcoming two weeks.

Today’s WOD was of my own invention. I started by practicing cleans and jerks, and then did a quick workout:

10 rds: 3 front squats, 100m sprint, rest ~60 seconds between rounds.

Afterwards, I felt strangely strong, so I went back to the bar and PR’d my clean! I’m actually disappointed, though, that my PRs are all power cleans. I still can’t drop low enough to do a genuine squat clean. Theoretically, if I can manage that, my clean should jump up again…

P.S. For the first time in two years, my jeans stay up without a belt. That means the back squats are working, right?

Happy Tuesday.



Also, some extracurricular reading for you: a lovely post on the power of positive thinking and articulating your goals in CrossFit and in life at CrossFit Geo

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