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More Power!

In Training, WOD on April 13, 2012 at 11:07 am

My latest procrastination mechanism has involved combing the archives of the CrossFit Football WODs. I think I’ve figured out the basic principles of their program design. Like the 70s big template that I’m following, squat days are usually paired with an upper body lift– bench or press, visiting each one once a week. There’s also a deadlift day (one set of five) and a power clean day (five sets of three). The deadlift days and the clean days also involve conditioning workouts. CFFootball tends to put cleans in the metcon if the strength workout of the day involves deadlifts, and vise versa. On other days, there are sprints, pull-ups, or things like farmer’s walks/walking lunges with heavy weights. If there’s running, it’s always some variation of sprinting, and most lifts are limited to lower-medium reps.

Today’s strength work was power cleans, so I tried a deadlift metcon:

7 Rounds:

7 deadlifts

5 lateral burpees

200m sprint

I’m developing a massochistic fondness for lateral burpees. They introduce a whole new degree of suck to the burpee. It’s easy to cheat your reps on the jumping portion of the burpee. As you get tired, the jump becomes a hop, becomes a small stagger before you drop back to the ground, but the lateral burpee gives you a visual cue for how much power you’re generating in your jump. And as I’m focused on recruiting more power (*insert Home Improvement reference* — does anyone remember that show? Am I getting old?), I like that the concluding leap forces me to power through the last movement.

At any rate, I’m enjoying that there’s such a concentrated focus to the CFFootball programming. Everything’s centered around strength and explosive power– both of which I need (I’m reminded of a friend’s advice: “More agression Jo; that’s your answer to every question in life”). Well, that said, I’m off to teach class. Aggressively. Good Friday students, drop and give me ten burpees!

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