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The Mighty Marvel Strength and Fitness Book

In Uncategorized on April 12, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Sorry, no stunning life insights today. Just general geekiness. I’m amazed that this book exists:

The Mighty Marvel Strength and Fitness Book

My problem, perhaps, is that I lack Spidey’s sensibility. Today was the official start of my pseudo CFFootball-esque strength programming. I love the mantra “there’s a difference between being sweaty and training”– perhaps because I have some sort of genetic weirdness that means I don’t tend to sweat in any WOD under 20 minutes. But, I have a difficult time practicing the underlying philosophy.

What may come as a surprise– I actually enjoy strength work. I like the relaxed pace of it, I like that feel of achievement when you’ve stood with your own bodyweight in steel across your shoulders, that revelation when you’ve pushed through the pain and realized you’re still upright. But after strength work, I tend to feel… unfulfilled? I’m a fan of the metcon and of the chipper. I like the immersive rush and exhaustion you get from more bodyweight oriented WODs because you can go 110% with fewer safety concerns (for example, one doesn’t want to go as fast and as hard as possible during deadlifts or backsquats… for both safety and training reasons… same with o-lifts). But I’ve probably been backpedaling my own progress for the past nine months to indulge all of my metcon cravings. So after squats, presses, and pull-ups, I dragged my butt out of the box and returned to grading student essays.

That said, I felt good about my lifts this morning. I lowered the numbers on everything, hoping to establish a good base because this program will have me adding weight every week. I’m stunned by how different it feels to squat to full depth, and pretty irked at myself for unknowingly cheating the lift for so long. The program also calls for sets up pull ups and I’ve decided to do these as strict pull-ups (as opposed to kips) with the assumption that that might be better for strength.

So far so good… I’m anxious to see whether I actually will be able to add weight as the program calls for. Perhaps if I’m still feeling antsy later today, I’ll try a few Jameson Roars:

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