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Poland Wins!

In Training, WOD on April 3, 2012 at 10:50 am

Burpee burpee burpee. Did I mention that I love burpees?

Today’s WOD:

“Polish Crippler”

100 Burpees

EMOM 10 double unders (or twenty singles)

Just when I was about to whine about yesterday’s strength-based shoulder massacre, the coaches put up a burpee-heavy, bodyweight WOD. Well played, Jefe*, well played.

I knew I could do 100 ring-touch burpees in 7 minutes (the standards for Open workout 12.1 required a six-inch jump, during which the athlete had to touch a target six inches about his/her head. We used rings). I figured, without the rings, I might be able to shave a few seconds off my time, and then it was just a matter of double unders. My doubles are still somewhat inconsistent. When I’m tired, I tend to sink into a rhythm of single-single-double-single-single-double. Because the coaches were kind enough to reduce our typical scaling to two singles this time, I thought–perfect. I could still go for speed… five doubles, ten singles.

After the WOD started, however, my mind went into WODfever during which numbers cease to have meaning. For some reason, I inflated the number of double-unders to 20 and did 10 doubles, broken between twenty singles. Also, during my WODfever, I didn’t bother to stop and consider why everyone else’s jump rope times seemed so much shorter than my own. But! Just as I was about to start my whinybutt on that rant, I realized that I’d conned myself into doing the workout as prescribed. 10 double-unders, no scaling (technically). And a time I’m relatively happy with as well. So, Jo’s takeaway for the day? Less whining, more burpees ;).

But as a followup to that video I posted yesterday about double-unders: I spent a couple minutes playing around with the jump rope after the workout, and I realized that thinking about hip extension during jumps does wonders for my DU technique. It was the first time I’ve hit 10 in a row, unbroken, and they felt so much more effortless than my former “donkey-kick” habit. I think the hip drive allows me to jump higher with less strain on my legs and less need for my wrists/shoulders to whip the rope around faster.

I wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful, encouraging emails I’ve received since starting this blog. It’s terrifying to send your words into cyberspace, wondering if anyone reads them, and I’ve loved reading about your own experiences. I wanted to respond to a readerly question on here, just in case anyone else might find the answer useful.

Trish asks:

Do you do additional training on top of the WODs? I follow the mainsite at home but I want to run my first 10k this summer, and I don’t know how to start doing more running.

First of all, thanks for reading, Trish! I’m afraid I’m probably not the best resource for running. I do do additional training, but usually it’s strength work or focus on CrossFit skills (right now I’m concentrating on my olift technique and trying to build up to that elusive muscle-up. I want to do a longer post on goal-setting sometime, so stay tuned!). I’m not much of a runner, though, and certainly not a distance runner. I wouldn’t recommend anything more than a light jog on days that you do metcons. I know CrossFit Endurance can give you some ideas about integrating more endurance-based workouts into your training. Also, Tina over at Carrots ‘n Cake is a recent CrossFit convert with a substantial running background, and I know she’s working with some sort of hybrid of running/CrossFit. I hope that helps, and let me know how the 10k goes 🙂


*The “Jefe”– another of our coaches. At our box, the coaches take turns designing the weekly WOD program, and this week belongs to Jefe– a burpee machine (I think his time for the Polish Crippler is under seven minutes?) I can’t take credit for this nickname, but it suits him so damn well that I had to keep it for this site.

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