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WOD 3.31.2012

In WOD on March 31, 2012 at 6:36 pm

I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to post Daily WODs here. I’ve enjoyed tracking other athletes’ training on their websites, but if you all find it dull or uninteresting, I may avoid the posts. Today’s WOD, however, was worth mentioning.



400m run

40 air squats

30 sit ups

20 push ups

10 pull- ups

Before the workout, I told the Mean Machine (our trainers are just going to get fun new nicknames on this site– get used to it 😉 ) that I never feel ready to re-test my baseline. I don’t get butterflies before WODs nearly as often I as used to, but the baseline always makes me quiver a little in my Innov-8s. It’s because the baseline (and many of the girl wods) are the BS-detectors of CrossFit training. They’ll tell you if you’ve been overtraining, undertraining, or just plain screwing up. If your baseline time doesn’t change in a few months, you might want to reconsider your approach.

In my initial months of CrossFit stupidity, my baseline time didn’t budge. Then, as I made progress (ring pull-ups to banded pull ups to real pull ups), my times kept lengthening because the new, harder movements required more time. This time, however, would be my second attempt at an Rx’d baseline. No new movements; I either had to be faster, or had to think about what I was doing wrong.

Miraculously, I PR’d my time by 55 seconds. 4:10 overall. I was no-repped two pull-ups, and did the obligatory extra two for compensation but it does make me worry about the integrity of the other 8 pull-ups. Something to keep in mind when I’m practicing my kips. However, it does indicate to me that I’m at least doing something right lately. I’ve been working hard on the days I feel strong and prepared to do so, going light and emphasizing technique over weight or speed on days that I feel worn out. Resting when I need it. Eating (an expensive lot) more. I hope I can keep it up.


Overhead Squats: 15-10-5-10-15

alternating with Rowing: 400m-600m-800m-600m-400m.

I’m not fond of OHS or rowing. I’m definitely better at upper body movements than lower-body ones, and I’m a slow rower. There are some days, walking into the box, I tell myself that I’ll probably be last to finish, and I need to be okay with that. I don’t enjoy competition; it makes me anxious. Finishing first doesn’t feel like winning, but finishing last makes me want to criticize and evaluate what I can do to improve. It’s something I’m working on. Tangent alert: that’s another thing I love about CrossFit– it’s taught me to confront and accept my shortcomings. It’s taken me months, but by now, if I’m the last one sitting on the rower, I’ve stopped beating myself up about it. I’ve accepted that this is my current level, and that I should evaluate relative to my own standards. If and when I find shortcomings, I shouldn’t waste time and energy getting upset about it, but rather, my time is much better spent developing a plan to improve in that particular area. Knowing that I’m a slow rower, I told myself to keep my pace below 2:20/500m for as much as I could during the WOD. I’m happy to report that I managed it, with a few slips during the 800m stint. Though many others tipped their tired selves off the Concept 2’s before I did, I felt damn good when I finished.

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