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The Jomad Speaks

In General on March 30, 2012 at 9:10 pm

So I’ve finally caved. I’ve always seen blogging as a boring, self-indulgent exercise in which the writer repeats what s/he already knows to an empty audience. However, over the years, I’ve become an addict of CrossFit blogs around the country, and I’ve found these compelling and inspirational– ways to feel a part of this community networked across the country, joined by a passion for fitness, hard work, and long socks. I fell in love with CrossFit for its communal aspect–  the way it has turned fitness into a conversation. We run an extra 400m to help the last straggler push through the WOD, we learn each athlete’s quirks so that we know when a 45 lb clean is a warm-up or a PR. We celebrate our victories– large and small–  and find new ones along the way. Like many, I’ve found that most lessons we learn in CrossFit can be applied to life. Listen to your body. Rest as needed; push when you know you can. Don’t make excuses. Dedication, hard work, and integrity will get you there.

So, after months of polluting my box’s Facebook page with my own too-personal ramblings, I’ve decided to create a space for my own thoughts. For now, I’ve created a quick “About” page, and a longer page detailing my personal journey with CrossFit. I don’t pretend to know everything– or anything. Really, I will be using this blog to work through issues that I encounter in and outside the box– hopefully reflections that may be helpful, moving, or inspiring to you.


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